Thursday, February 12, 2009

Greetings from Peru!!

SO I'm in Peru now! YAY!!!!

I may not post anything new until tuesday or wednesday when I get back from Machu Picchu.

But here are a few interesting things I noticed on my first day here:

-the weather is totally awesome and the city is amazing

-you have to pay to use the bathrooms and they have no toilet seats. weird.

-people try to sell you stupid shit while you are in a car at a stop light.

-you can buy cocoa leaf tea and candy. I tried the tea and it made my tounge numb.

-old fashion volkswagon beetles EVERYWHERE! so cool!

-people LOVE honking their car horns. Which i might ad, come in EVERY weird sound. It's kinda funny!

Here are a few pictures of my day. Hopefully when I post again I will have some cool drawings to show. It's kinda hard tho with so much to see and do!

The view of Lima from my parent's apartment

cool art in the city

In the park

WHHHEEeeee!!! Dad and I under a cool fountain!

Well, that's all for now, the flight to Cuzco leaves at 6am! ACK! So gotta catch some Z's!


  1. Whoa!
    You have shorts on, wow, what is that like? hahaha.
    This looks really fun!!

  2. i know! shorts! I love it!

    Peru is very different, but very cool at the same time.

    i will miss my shorts when i come back, but will be happy to see you and everyone!