Thursday, January 29, 2009

Gettin' 'Er DONE!!

Well, weeellll......


It's in the process for a massive change after my Peru Adventure. Check out it's progress at

So I was really busy tonight, mostly on website, scanning stuffs and photoshoppin', but here is a mock club poster/card/swag thing I made based on Russian Constructivism. It's a Communist Party! Huzzah! Simplicity was the key here. Tho when I went out for a walk, I noticed most club posters were GRAAAAAAAAFICS IN YO FACE. Oh well. It was fun. One of my early Illustrator projects. I think it may make a wikked website design or something...

Recognize the boy? hehe

Here's a slightly different version

In other news, We finally got our bathroom sink unclogged. yay. Oh, and I changed my banner so it looks sexier. Anyone notice? anyone........well it's totally better now.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

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Saturday, January 24, 2009


I HAD to post this: The dog is awesome!! Makes me lol every freakin time.

More art coming tomorrow folks!

Tonight I'm chillin' with friends. IT'S THE WEEKEND!!! WEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Music Videos!!

Today is a pretty good day at work. WTF EH??!

SO I'm taking a wee break to listen to some fav songs. And share them. Right now these two songs ROCK MY SOCKS

Here's Cut Copy. They are pretty rad. I love this song. The music video is ass. So here's the song sans video. They are coming to Toronto around my birthday which is wikked.

And here's MGMT. Also super rad. Electric Feel makes me happy. Here's the Justice remix. I saw Justice when they came to Toronto. Weeee. MGMT is not coming to Toronto any time soon. Bummer. But check out the original Electric Feel Here.

Hopfully I'll be posting more art goodies tonight.

But until then, ENJOY!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wonder Woman

Yes We Can Wonder Woman!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

WEEEEEeee! Shopping!

So I was to Cranky yesterday to realize I bought the most AMAZING lipstick yesterday. I swear, it's probably the best I ever bought. Seriously. It's the Benefit brand Full-Finish Lipstick from the Lana line in 'Do Tell'. Apparently that's a colour. I've heard stranger shade names for lipsticks actually. It's really soft, which is good because in winter my lips get really dry. The colour is FLAWLESS. Goes so well with my skin colour.

Well, you can tell it's a slow day at work!! Which is nice for a change.

Alien Chick

Well well well...


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Monday, January 12, 2009


I told myself ONE post a day because there will be a time when I will not post everyday. Sorry folks, but thems the breaks.

But I don't care so here's a witch! WOOOOOOOO!!

Xmas Cards

Frolicking reindeer, fa la la la la

Sunday, January 11, 2009


They are suppose to be like the Pisces zodiac....BUT WITH MERMAIDS. I'm so clever.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Friday, January 9, 2009


Yeah, so this ugly drawing pretty much sums up my situation........

NYE Pics! Work sucks and other news........

This whole week has been crazy for work. I mean, I've been having to work overtime to keep up with everything! AWFUL! Now I'm waiting for my giant files to FTP on my bosses server, so that means I get to post pics and complain here! yay!

I'm drinking a disgusting red bull in the morning and my body is all like, 'wwhhhhyyyyyy....' and I'm all like, 'BECAUSE YOU ARE A QUITTER! THAT'S WHY! *downs red bull*


Anyhoos, here are some NYE pics! I only put up a few because they are all basically drunken posing that are similar to these.

So how does Hol taste?

BUBBLES! The bubbles actually ruined my dress. ack.

My spunky girlfriends

New Year Texting!

And here's the gang

B and Me

wow. cool mural guys!

Wins best dress EVER

P and ME

Kay, so that's that. Back to work.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Can't Even DEAL!!


I went out to buy a red bull and now I'm having a crappy lunch which is nom nom good

Taking a break and watched the literal version of A-ha's 'Take on ME' to perk me up! Who didn't freakin' love that song and video when they were little eh?

Tho now it has some dumb guy talking before the actual song and a 3d graphic intro. WTF. SKip ahead to spare yourself and get to the wonderful A-Ha goodness.

A Pin Up Girl

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


uh ohhhhhhh.........

OMG! church rave!


I wonder how many blogs start outwith people complaining about being tired?! I bet like, all of them. I slept all day yesterday when I was suppose to be working. I blame the vaccines. Then I had to make up for it by working late. Not the best start for 2009! lol.

But anyhoos, I figure I should make a little list of the goals I want to fulfill, then I can look back and check my progress! Yay! Here gooooeeesssss............

1- Update ye 'ol website. I need to put up my recent professional work to show off to potential employers!

2- Animations! Gots to get those done.

3- Find new job. yeesssss....working at home has it's perks, but I definitely need to expend professionally. Working at home sounds cool, but it's really weird. MY CO-WORKERS ARE MY CATS!!!! ACK!

4-Make time for personal art!! With this job, freelance, and working on projects it's easy to forget the fun stuff.

5-Work on film and game! Yes sir. Got a film on the drawing board and there have been talks of a game collaboration with P and myself. Who knows how long this will take, but as long as one of them gets finished in 2009, I'll be happy.

6-I really got to try to be neater. I hate cleaning.


I don't even know what else to put on this list! I find I'm on the right track with most things, I just really have to sort things out and get things done. So I guess rather then a resolution list, it's more of a 'to do' list. hehehe....

On that note, check out my messy work area!!

I swear, the rest of the apartment is not this bad, just my little corner. Maybe today I'll at least pick up the socks and paper........

Monday, January 5, 2009

And so the New Year Begins......


Today was kinda a big waste of time. My first day back to work after all the crazy festivities and here I am at 8:30 trying to make up for lack of work. ack. I basically slept all day. I blame it on the fact that i had to get my Hep and yellow fever shots for my adventure in PERU coming up in Feb. I was hoping I'd be more motivated after the insane NEwYear celebrations and good times, but really all I want to do is sleep lol.

The party was INSANE!! Basically partied at M club until 3am, went home with the bf to change, and went to CZ at 6am! Omg! P had a misadventure which was kinda hilarious now that I think of it, tho not really at the time! Went back home for a bit of sleep, then went BACK to CZ.

my NYE dress!

I never got any sleep at all and then Friday afternoon we drove to Niagara Falls to stay at a nice hotel and try our luck at some gambling. The hotel was fucking awesome. Good times in the giant jaccuzzi for sure and the view of the falls was unreal. I won $50 at the casino. P didn't win any.

HUGE jaccuzzi

i like the window to the bathroom. You can see the amazing view from the jaccuzzi

view from our window!

the casino is HUGE!

The many slot machines

cool fountain!




The next day we walked around the Falls but it was freakin' cold. Oh and did i mention that Niagara Falls is catered cheese to American Tourists?

Well, it is. Next time we are going to Vegas for sure! lol!

I'll post more NYE pictures later. My friend has them all since my purse was too small to carry my camera. I really gotta get my work done for reals! I know i want a new job for 2009, but not because I got fired!

HAy Guys! I started a BLog!

Hello Hello!

I live in Toronto Canada. I'm bored at work and thought making a blog would be a neat way to waste time. Also I figure documenting my life in the new year may be interesting, so I'll give it a shot! I have a good feeling about this year anyway.

Anyhoos, Here's a picture of me being festive: