Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Birthday Pics!!


Went to see a Primal Scream concert last night. It was a lot of fun! I just wish it wasn't on a Tuesday night. Anyway, I got my tooth fixed! Yay! It was actually fixed on Monday. I am happy. Here are some pics of my birthday. Some are at the bar on St. Patrick's Day, and the other's are at This is London. No pictures of the broken tooth. Sorry. If I wasn't so traumatized when it happened I would have taken a picture. I looked pretty much like I played a mean game of hockey.

Cats wearing hats!!

Gettin' the party started

Hols & Brooke

Pete wearing many hats.

Now we are at This is London

Sportin' trendy scarves

Steph!! and this is the WASHROOM folks. SA-WEEEET

The gang


My sister Sammy made me this! Inside was stickers, giftcards and movie tickets! WOO!!!

my friend Brooke made me this card! cute!
Check out her blog here


  1. yeah my gift is on ur blog, i feel special. ur pics are nice by the way xoxox

  2. hay! you can leave comments now!!!