Friday, March 27, 2009

Where The WIld Things Are!!!!

Have YOU seen the trailer for the movie Where The Wild Things Are, yet? It looks pretty awesome!

I'm not sure why they chose the Arcade Fire song to go with the trailer, but oh well. The monsters look incredible!! I can't believe it! I hear that they are COSTUMES. NOT CG. I find movies that do this with combination of CG look the best. Like in Pans Labyrinth. I mean, I think Jurassic Park STILL looks fan-fucking-tastic. Am I right?

Back to work for me. Yay weekend's here!! Lots of fun stuff to catch up on.


  1. I'm VERY afraid to get excited about this flick, but so far, so good!

  2. I hear you there, but I really can't help it!

    The look reminds me a bit of what I think Jim Henson would have done for his fantasy movies if it was made today (obviously if he was alive) From what i can tell so far anyway.

    Lets keep our fingers crossed!!

    I'm so watching Labyrinth this weekend, heh.

  3. Thanks for the comment on my blog
    Glad you like the DIsney Lotr
    too bad a guy ripped it off from my blog.

    And yes I did see the W.T.W.T.A trailer
    looks crazy!

    Juan Mané

  4. The trailer looks great, and sorry, but I loved Wake Up as the song choice, i think it a perfect song to set the tone, and deeper meaning behind the movie.

  5. yah David, the song is great, but I hear it at this pub i go to a lot and it's hard for me to associate it to childhood nostalgia! haha

    And thanks Dominic!

    Cheers guys!