Sunday, June 14, 2009

Site Layout!!

So far it's been two weeks of unemployment, and wow, it's a lot of fun. TOO MUCH FUN.

I am behind schedule. *sigh* ...

I should have my site finished by now. I have been working on it, but not as much as I should. So NOW, I'm hoping to get it done by Wednesday! hahahhaaaaa........oh boy

I had a feeling this would happen. I would work casually until my last paycheck is spent, then I'm left to fall back on savings, THEN I get serious about stuff and THEN get to work like crazy! I'm still not too worried tho. I should have maybe done more drawing, but oops again..... I can't wait until it's done tho, I have so many ideas and projects I want to work on!!!

Until then, here's a sneak peek at my site layout:


Alrighty, now it's back to work! (I'm actually working on stuffs!! yaaaay!!)


  1. its different and looks great!!

  2. thanks!

    I am proud. But I really can't wait until I'm finished the damn thing!