Thursday, June 18, 2009

SKin Tight Outta Sight!!


A Burlesque group here in Toronto called Skin Tight Outta Sight gave me a few really nice photos for me to play with. How nice eh?! So much thanks to them. It's a project I find I keep returning to so I may make a new version later. I hope to finish some more in the future and have a series of posters for them. I saw their show a few times and they are really good!! Here is their website.

Check them out and see their show if you can!!


  1. You've gotta love pre-wrinkled posters.

    It's like you're saving nature the time and energy, but the wind and rain (you've gotta love 'em) are gonna give it their all anyway.

  2. Very nice, maybe you should design some posters for us. Very Mucha.
    Tanya Cheex

  3. wow! hay Tanya!

    that would be amazing! :D