Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Interactive Job Application Layout!! COOL

Hello, hello!

My, I haven't been posting regularly! Job hunting will do that to ya. I have been working on stuff, I swear but it often gets pushed aside. *sigh*

But wait! Here is what I've been working on today!

This one place I want to apply to asked for a more creative response then the usual cover letter and resume.

Soooo.......I'm making an Interactive Job Application!!


It's pretty much like a mini website, except with a cover letter, resume, and a few little samples of my work. I wanted it to reflect my current site, but obviously not a direct copy of it. I'll probably change a few things, but it'll be done tomorrow. I'll put it online then and post the link so everyone can seeeeeeeeee.....

EDIT: Here's the link!! oh, and I updated the picture tooooo :)

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