Monday, January 5, 2009

And so the New Year Begins......


Today was kinda a big waste of time. My first day back to work after all the crazy festivities and here I am at 8:30 trying to make up for lack of work. ack. I basically slept all day. I blame it on the fact that i had to get my Hep and yellow fever shots for my adventure in PERU coming up in Feb. I was hoping I'd be more motivated after the insane NEwYear celebrations and good times, but really all I want to do is sleep lol.

The party was INSANE!! Basically partied at M club until 3am, went home with the bf to change, and went to CZ at 6am! Omg! P had a misadventure which was kinda hilarious now that I think of it, tho not really at the time! Went back home for a bit of sleep, then went BACK to CZ.

my NYE dress!

I never got any sleep at all and then Friday afternoon we drove to Niagara Falls to stay at a nice hotel and try our luck at some gambling. The hotel was fucking awesome. Good times in the giant jaccuzzi for sure and the view of the falls was unreal. I won $50 at the casino. P didn't win any.

HUGE jaccuzzi

i like the window to the bathroom. You can see the amazing view from the jaccuzzi

view from our window!

the casino is HUGE!

The many slot machines

cool fountain!




The next day we walked around the Falls but it was freakin' cold. Oh and did i mention that Niagara Falls is catered cheese to American Tourists?

Well, it is. Next time we are going to Vegas for sure! lol!

I'll post more NYE pictures later. My friend has them all since my purse was too small to carry my camera. I really gotta get my work done for reals! I know i want a new job for 2009, but not because I got fired!

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