Friday, January 9, 2009

NYE Pics! Work sucks and other news........

This whole week has been crazy for work. I mean, I've been having to work overtime to keep up with everything! AWFUL! Now I'm waiting for my giant files to FTP on my bosses server, so that means I get to post pics and complain here! yay!

I'm drinking a disgusting red bull in the morning and my body is all like, 'wwhhhhyyyyyy....' and I'm all like, 'BECAUSE YOU ARE A QUITTER! THAT'S WHY! *downs red bull*


Anyhoos, here are some NYE pics! I only put up a few because they are all basically drunken posing that are similar to these.

So how does Hol taste?

BUBBLES! The bubbles actually ruined my dress. ack.

My spunky girlfriends

New Year Texting!

And here's the gang

B and Me

wow. cool mural guys!

Wins best dress EVER

P and ME

Kay, so that's that. Back to work.

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  1. HAha! You and Brooke are adorable, I love your hair! :D We must definitely catch up lady! Mayhaps some skating and shopping and all that good stuff!!!