Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I wonder how many blogs start outwith people complaining about being tired?! I bet like, all of them. I slept all day yesterday when I was suppose to be working. I blame the vaccines. Then I had to make up for it by working late. Not the best start for 2009! lol.

But anyhoos, I figure I should make a little list of the goals I want to fulfill, then I can look back and check my progress! Yay! Here gooooeeesssss............

1- Update ye 'ol website. I need to put up my recent professional work to show off to potential employers!

2- Animations! Gots to get those done.

3- Find new job. yeesssss....working at home has it's perks, but I definitely need to expend professionally. Working at home sounds cool, but it's really weird. MY CO-WORKERS ARE MY CATS!!!! ACK!

4-Make time for personal art!! With this job, freelance, and working on projects it's easy to forget the fun stuff.

5-Work on film and game! Yes sir. Got a film on the drawing board and there have been talks of a game collaboration with P and myself. Who knows how long this will take, but as long as one of them gets finished in 2009, I'll be happy.

6-I really got to try to be neater. I hate cleaning.


I don't even know what else to put on this list! I find I'm on the right track with most things, I just really have to sort things out and get things done. So I guess rather then a resolution list, it's more of a 'to do' list. hehehe....

On that note, check out my messy work area!!

I swear, the rest of the apartment is not this bad, just my little corner. Maybe today I'll at least pick up the socks and paper........

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